Getting a home sauna has been en vogue for sometime, many of our UK domestic customers are getting a basement wellness spa with Tylo saunas and steam rooms taking pride of place. However, whilst the popularity of the sauna room has steadily increased, the most popular Tylo saunas we install has remained steady for some time.

This is in part due to the pragmatic type of requirements most domestic enthusiasts have. It’s also because many of them have limited space and want to make the most of it. So much so we actually install a lot of bespoke saunas and consult with many architects to deliver the perfect domestic sauna experience.

1. TyloHelo Harmony modular sauna room

The TyloHelo Harmony sauna room kit has infinite variations

The TyloHelo Harmony sauna room kit has infinite variations

With maximum flexibility, the Harmony is the most versatile of TyloHelo saunas. With a myriad of options this remarkable modular sauna room can cater to the most diverse domestic requirement. Consequently, since it’s launch it has been an enourmous hit with our UK customers and customers all over the world.

With the Tylo Harmony they have thought of everything, from the wood panelling types to the benches, layouts, lighting, glass fronts and so much more. You can build your own home sauna from scratch to any size that will fit any space. The modular kit is then sent to you with full assembly instructions.

2. Tylo Impression ready made sauna kit

The Tylo Impression are superb entry level sauna kits

The Tylo Impression are superb entry level sauna kits

For customers with a fixed space or who need an enclosed box that you can put anywhere, the Tylo Impression is ‘the’ go to ready made sauna kit. Easily one the most popular Tylo saunas and arguably the most endearing. The Impression offers a versatile interior, set number of size variations and unique ‘clip together’, screwless assembly.

The simplicity of this out-of-the-box sauna kit has made an impression on thousands of UK customers across the country.

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Kenton Mann
Kenton Mann has been at the helm of Leisurequip ltd. and involved in the wellness industry for over 40 years. In that time he has become an expert many times over in the design and construction of a myriad of bespoke wellness rooms. Furthermore, he is also the UK's pre-eminent Tylo Sauna & Steam expert with unparalleled knowledge not found anywhere else.

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