Build your own steam room

This handy guide details most of what’s involved when constructing your own steam room at home

If you’re handy with the tools and don’t mind doing a bit of DIY, this guide will give you a quick insight into what it takes to build your own steam room at home. Full instructions are not provided as size, design and materials are personal choices.

What this guide will do is introduce you to materials, types of steam room, space preparation tips and a few other pertinent details. In no time you’ll have a better understanding of how to build a DIY steam room.

Example: Small tiled steam room with lounger built at home.

Example: Small tiled steam room with lounger built at home.

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Planning the layout of your home steam room build

Once you know the dimensions you have to work with, in order to build your own steam room you will need to plan the layout. Your steam room interior will be made up of range of components that will need to work together. Here are some considerations:

  • Steam room door: You’ll have a range of options for the door such as a pre-fabricated door or bespoke frameless glass. With a pre-fabricated door you can keep your costs down but you’ll have to design the rest of the steam room around it. Alternatively, a bespoke glass door can be made any size, be no threshold (great for wheelchair access) and will look stunning.
  • Seating area: Your DIY home steam room cannot function with a seating area. You will need to consider the amount of the interior taken up by seating. Also consider the height of the seating and the materials it is built with. Usually the seating will be built in the style of the rest of the interior.
  • Interior lighting: There’s a lot you can do with lighting in your wellness room. Consider such aspects as chromotherapy, starry sky ceiling lighting, mood lighting and more.
  • Ventilation outlet: Although there is no requirement for ventilating your DIY home steam room, you will need to consider where the steam goes once you open the door. Depending on where you put the room, exterior ventilation should be a consideration.
  • Steam generator: At the heart of every great steam room is the steam generator. The generator will need to be located outside the steam room in a dry and steam free environment. It will need a power supply and you’ll need to run a pipe from it into the room. Most notably, your steam room generator will need to be big enough to ensure the best possible wellness experience.
  • Steam outlet: Not considered often enough, the steam outlet is a key element of your experience. A good outlet will give you extra control over your experience. It will also allow you to add scents and will protect you from accidental burning.
Example: Steam room build with frameless glass front and steam shower

Example: Steam room build with frameless glass front and steam shower

Planning the construction of your DIY home steam room

When building your own home steam room you will need to plan the construction. Although, not a hugely difficult task to achieve, the planning must be done thoroughly if you want a steam room that will last.

  • Floor: When constructing a bespoke sauna the floor does not need to be waterproof. Unfortunately with a DIY steam room that is not the case. As a result you will need to put in a drainage facility. You’ll also need to ensure waterproofing is installed on any joins.
  • Walls: Your walls will need to be lined to ensure the steam does not escape the room and degrade the surrounding area. It’s important that this happens. Other considerations include a solid structure on which to build the interior.
  • Benches: Construction consideration for your benches are sloping for condensation run off, hygienic materials such as bisazza tiling and ergonomics.
  • Ceiling: As with the benches you will need to consider condensation run off. Interestingly, with the ceiling you can install a range of lighting options to further enhance your wellness experience. Lighting will need to be built into your ceiling.

This is just an outline of considerations for you build your own steam room at home. If you think the task may be too much for you get in touch with us and we will design and build a bespoke steam room to your exact requirements.

Let us build you a bespoke DIY steam room kit