Bespoke DIY steam rooms

We can now custom design home and commercial steam rooms, manufacture them and deliver to you a DIY kit you can install yourself

We are now pleased to be able to offer a complete DIY steam room kit service. This means we will build you a bespoke steam room to your specifications and supply all the components in kit form. Generally, this service is only suitable for commercial applications. It may be suitable if you have some building experience or of installing a steam room.

We will consult with you, your architect or builder to design, manufacture and deliver your bespoke DIY steam room kit, along with additional support. All aspects your kit will be considered such as; design, materials, accessories, ventilation, access, construction and aftercare.

If you have a fixed budget we will use our extensive knowledge of materials and design to deliver a kit at a price that’s right. Getting a do-it-yourself home-made steam room needn’t be difficult. Let us work with you to deliver your vision—exactly the way you imagined.

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Need expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Speech bubble iconNeed expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Process of our custom-made DIY steam room service

In our decades of being in operation we have custom-designed bespoke steam room kits from 3D models provided by architects and scraps of paper from DIY enthusiasts. Initially if it is an architect’s enquiry there’s usually a primary concept to start from.

We can take the concept and make it a workable bespoke DIY steam room kit. If you’ve just got a rough sketch you can upload it to our contact form and we will consult with you and turn it into a workable design.

Once we have agreed on a final design and you have paid a deposit our team of expert craftsmen will get to work on your custom-made steam room kit. We will ensure every component is lovingly hewed to your exact specifications ensuring a perfect fit and problem free installation.

Your DIY steam room kit can be finished in stone, tiles or mosaics. We have the both tools and the craftsmen to deliver pin-point accuracy on every component of your kit.

Once your bespoke steam room kit is ready we will robustly package every component. We use a specialist delivery company to ensure nothing is damaged on route. On arrival we will consult with you to check every part of your kit is undamaged. Timescales will be provided at every step of the way including during both the design and manufacturing process.

Leisurequip fully appreciate you are not an expert steam room builder. As a result we offer full support every step of the way. Any problem during the installation of your DIY steam enclosure no matter how small, give us a call and we will provide support wherever we can.

But it doesn’t stop at telephone support. Within reason we can also send out an expert to help you complete the steam room installation if your DIY skills are not up to scratch or if your team are unable to complete the job.

What to expect when you go bespoke with Leisurequip

  • Consultation

    From the moment we pick up the phone our friendly experts are working on your project.

  • Design

    Our designers can turn a simple scrawl on scrap of paper into a completed design.

  • Manufacture

    Our team of experts will lovingly craft much of your project before we arrive.

  • Installation

    Tools and components in hand we’ll turn up to your premises at an agreed date.

  • Aftercare

    We’ll make sure your project continues to provide an inspirational wellness experience.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Frequently asked questions

Can you build a steam room for my basement?

As long as you have enough space we can pretty much design and build you a steam room anywhere. This means you basement or in an extended bathroom. More popular are home basement spas which combine a tiled steam room with bespoke sauna and optional steam shower. All the components are shipped to you with telephone follow-ups.

How much does a DIY steam room kit cost?

Essentially you are purchasing a bespoke steam room without installation. Consequently, you can expect to pay anywhere from £8,500 for a 2-4 person room up to £30,000 for a larger commercial build.

Do you also offer a steam room installation service?

If you’re having second thoughts about being able to install the steam room yourself we also offer a complete installation service. As well as designing and constructing your steam room Leisurequip can also come to your home or business and install it too.

In many instances we can also help out mid-way through your DIY installation if you are having difficulty getting things complete.