Bespoke salt rooms

Enjoy all the benefits of Halotherapy in a custom built salt inhalation cave or salt therapy room designed and built by our experts

The incredible healing atmosphere of bespoke salt rooms such as a salt cave, salt sauna or salt inhalation room has been acknowledged for centuries. Medieval monks used to take the sick to the local salt caves and let them breathe the salt saturated air. The particles were freshly created by the monks crushing the stalactites.

There are 2 primary types of salt room spas we install. These are active and passive. Active salt rooms are called Halotherapy spas and passive are Speleotherapy. Salt room spas can also be dry or wet, with the room being covered in rock salt or tiled. Additionally, there is the salt sauna which has sections of the walls made from blocks of salt. The heated, moist salt interacts with the steam and dissipates into the air.

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Need expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Speech bubble iconNeed expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Types of bespoke salt rooms we design and install

We can provide a specialised salt cave installation or salt inhalation room (Halotherapy spa). Sometimes known as a sea salt spa, these bespoke salt rooms are generally suitable only for larger commercial health or wellness spas due to its size and maintenance.

Salt cave spas or Halotherapy rooms involve tasteless, salt-infused air being pumped into the cave using a dry saline diffuser or halogenerator. A thick layer of salt is also encrusted on the walls. The finished inhalation room is also kept at a constant temperature and humidity level.

Salt therapy rooms use inset panels containing salt blocks with back -lit LED’s that add an extra dimension to spa experience. The LED’s can be a fixed colour or colour changing chroma-therapy lights. The light gleams through the semi-transparent salt blocks.

The main salt therapy comes from salt atomisation spray blown into the environment by a halogenerator. The dry rooms can be fitted with tiled heated recliners with the other three walls and floor being back heated.

A bespoke salt wet room is quite similar to a standard steam room, but with the addition of salt mixed into the steam. Salt wet rooms have been known to have an equally beneficial effect for some asthma sufferers and certain skin conditions.

Wet salt rooms or Japanese salt steam rooms usually keep salt blocks behind glass or clear Perspex. A salt halogenerator then injects the salt into the steam with the addition or aromatherapy scents using mint or eucalyptus to complete the therapy experience.

What to expect when you go bespoke with Leisurequip

  • Consultation

    From the moment we pick up the phone our friendly experts are working on your project.

  • Design

    Our designers can turn a simple scrawl on scrap of paper into a completed design.

  • Manufacture

    Our team of experts will lovingly craft much of your project before we arrive.

  • Installation

    Tools and components in hand we’ll turn up to your premises at an agreed date.

  • Aftercare

    We’ll make sure your project continues to provide an inspirational wellness experience.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Frequently asked questions

Can you design a salt cave for my home spa?

Suitable for home and commercial spas, our expert salt cave designers can create a bespoke wellness room in a space as small as a few meters squared. We would recommend that we install a dry salt therapy room as opposed to the wet salt therapy room outlined above.

What are the health benefits of a salt therapy?

There are wide ranging health benefits to be garnered from salt inhalation and exposure therapy. Most benefits are gained from salt inhalation; however there are also benefits from exposure to salt air. Typical benefits include asthma, colds, bronchitis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and many more.

How often should I use a salt therapy room?

Depending on the veracity of your health issue, we would recommend using your salt therapy room a couple of times per week. If you have a condition such as chronic bronchitis you may wish to use a salt inhalation spa more often.