Architectural consultancy

We have decades of experience working intimately with architects to bring your vision to life

Leisurequip can work to any custom specifications, or we can create for you a complete bespoke wellness solution. We will aim to perfectly capture your design requirements whilst keeping the overall costs on point.


  • Concept creation
  • Feasibility review
  • Site suitability
  • Materials and design
  • Treatment ranges
  • Overall aesthetic
  • Planning and engineering
  • Safety assessments
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Customer maintenance
  • Operational training
  • Aftercare and support

Who we’ve worked with

Experienced architectural consultancy

You can use the contact form to upload your drawings or send us a Dropbox link. Our expert team will get to work on a custom wellness solution with updated drawings, guideline pricing and timescales to help get things underway.

Whether you have a prepared design or a an allocated space, Leisurequip have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your vision—exactly the way you imagined.

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Leisurequip have delivered bespoke wellness solutions for wealthy clients and companies all over the world. Rest assured, with any architectural consultancy we are incredibly discreet and are happy to sign an NDA if required.