Request mock-up

You can now request a mock-up of your wellness room design before pricing and installation

If you are considering a bespoke wellness room you may want to know if the design will fit in and compliment your current decor. You may also want to know whether you can obtain materials similar in style to your other treatment rooms.

With Leisurequip we can provide a range of material samples, design mock-ups and more. That way you can ensure your design and materials are on point before we provide a final price and begin the installation.

Requesting a design mock-up

Via our consultation process, Leisurequip can provide a design mock-up of the wellness room based on your requirements. We can consult with you or your architect to create an uncompromising wellness room that will compliment your existing space.

Example: Combination of architect drawing and sketch for steam room

Example: Combination of architect drawing and sketch for steam room

We can provide a plan and layout of the room with an itinerary of materials and equipment. Once you are happy we can provide you with a quote.

Requesting a design sample

In some instances you may want to have a sample of the design before you go ahead with the installation. Leisurequip can put together a small design sample based on the agreed materials and send it to you before installation.

We can do this with various materials such as sauna wood panelling, bisazza tiling, glass edging and more. We can also send you other parts if needed.

Requesting wood samples

Generally, when having a bespoke sauna installed you will need to view a range of woods before deciding to proceed. At your request Leisurequip can send you a book of wood panels for you to check for colour, grain, scent and price.

Requesting other materials

Leisurequip create bespoke wellness rooms for clients all over the world. Many of our installations are for luxury wellness spas and expensive homes. If you need samples of other materials such as stone or marble please contact us and we will our best to accommodate.