Aftercare services

Learn more about how we look after you long after you’ve completed your purchase

You’ll be pleased to learn that Leisurequip will look after you and your wellness equipment long after you’ve made your purchase. This includes any bespoke wellness rooms we install and products purchased from our online store.

All our high quality saunas, steam rooms and related products come with 12 month replacement parts warranty. Additionally, we also offer a free 12 month installation aftercare package.

If there are any problems with an installation completed by Leisurequip we will come to your home or commercial premises to repair the issue or replace a non-functioning product part.

If we installed your product

If we installed your out-of-the-box sauna, steam room or any other product and something goes wrong within 12 months we will repair or replace the product free of charge. In most instances experience has shown us that sending you a replacement part is usually enough.

If however you are unable to fit the replacement part or if the job is too big or complicated, a member of the Leisurequip team will come to your home or premises to replace or repair it for you.

If you installed your product

You’ll be please to learn that even if you installed the product yourself we’ll still do our best to look after you. Leisurequip offer a 12 month replacement parts guarantee that covers most products. We are very reasonable and will do our best to accommodate.

You will need to fully describe the issue to us and where possible we will send you a replacement part that you can fit yourself. If this is too problematic for you we can send someone to repair or replace the product for a small fee.

If we installed a bespoke product

Thankfully, even if we installed a bespoke sauna, steam room, wellness room or anything else you’re also covered for a minimum of 12 months. This means that for 12 months after installation we will come to your home or commercial promises to repair or replace faulty equipment.

We will also offer to repair any aspect of the installation that has become non-functioning or entered a state of disrepair through no fault of your own.

If you caused the product fault

If a problem arises as a result of you causing it we can still help. You can order replacement parts from us for almost every aspect of your installation. We can repair damaged bespoke installations, replace sauna heaters and generators, walls, doors and more.

You will need to speak to a member of our team to discuss the issue and we will do our absolute best to ensure a positive outcome.