Bespoke snow saunas

Take your home or commercial spa to new wellness heights with a custom designed sauna and snow room combo installed by our experts

Contrary to popular belief, bespoke snow saunas are not a single, multi-purpose room, but 2 separate rooms in close proximity. Additionally, it is not a sauna made from snow, although this does occur in colder countries such as Finland. The unique wellness benefits of combining a traditional sauna with fast cooling are well understood.

So much so, many Europeans actually splash cold water on themselves during the sauna for improved circulation. In Russia it is popular to take a cold plunge in an ice lake after the sauna. With Leisurequip we can create bespoke snow saunas for any home or commercial spa. If you have an existing sauna we can custom-build a snow room next door.

Your new snow room can include artificial stone cladding, forest backdrops, wooden benches and many other accessories to ensure guests are fully accommodated. We can also provide the full package of combined sauna and snow room.

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Need expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Speech bubble iconNeed expert advice?

We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.

Key features of our custom-built snow sauna service

When you initially make your enquiry for your new custom-made snow sauna combo we will enter a consultation process. We can discuss ideas, practical approaches and objectives directly with you, your architect or construction company.

Leisurequip will advise on materials, design, functionality requirements, what’s possible in your space and long term maintenance. Rest assured, every aspect of our bespoke snow saunas is considered before we move forward.

Once we’ve completed the initial consultation we’ll get to work designing your bespoke sauna and snow room to your exact specifications. Using the latest 3D design and configuration technology we’ll mock-up your new wellness rooms and provide costs for both supply only and installation.

During this process we can amend any designs at your request. You’ll get separate designs for both the bespoke sauna and snow room along with an outline of the two rooms if you’re having them next to each other as a twin.

With your design plans in hand we will get to work manufacturing your custom snow room sauna. Your bespoke sauna will be created from scratch and each component will be ‘site ready’ before it is installed. If we are installing it for you we will also send an expert carpenter for ‘on the job’ amendments.

For your bespoke snow room we use a turnkey solution that will be customised for your requirement. This helps keep costs down from a manufacturing perspective and for on-going maintenance. We use innovate snow making technology supplied to us by our partner on the continent.

With every component ready to be shipped, we then securely wrap everything and use a specialist delivery service to ship everything to your premises. Generally this applies to UK customers only. If you are outside of the UK we will advise on the best route forward.

We will also provide timescales for delivery and installation where required. For operating both your sauna and steam room we can provide a telephone consultation or send a representative to run you through things.

When you commission a tailor-made snow sauna with Leisurequip we do everything to ensure it looks and functions exactly the way you want it, from the day it arrives until long into the future. We can provide technical support over the telephone or in person.

It something breaks we can send someone to fix it, replace a part, re-cut wood and more. If you have issues with your snow room we will arrange for an expert to visit you at a time of your convenience to resolve the issues.

What to expect when you go bespoke with Leisurequip

  • Consultation

    From the moment we pick up the phone our friendly experts are working on your project.

  • Design

    Our designers can turn a simple scrawl on scrap of paper into a completed design.

  • Manufacture

    Our team of experts will lovingly craft much of your project before we arrive.

  • Installation

    Tools and components in hand we’ll turn up to your premises at an agreed date.

  • Aftercare

    We’ll make sure your project continues to provide an inspirational wellness experience.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Talk to a specialist about your project

Our friendly, impartial experts are waiting to take your call or respond to your email.

Frequently asked questions

Are there restrictions on the type of sauna that combines with a snow room?

There aren’t really any restrictions, however it is commonly accepted that snow sauna therapy is best when you first use a traditional sauna. This is how the Finnish do it, and this is in principle how the rituals are combined the world over. As a result, if we were to design for you a custom sauna and snow room we would start with a traditional sauna.