Gaining huge popularity in 2019, a custom built snow sauna is fast becoming the must have treatment for any prominent spa or hotel. It will come as no surprise that the health benefits of both saunas and cold rooms are widely known. When combined into a set treatment between the 2 rooms there are a wealth of extra health benefits to had.

In this article we highlight the top 5 benefits of experiencing a sauna then snow room. Additionally we will outline the 3 separate phases involved in the snow sauna treatment cycle.

1. Strengthening the immune system

It is widely understood that exposing the body to alternating temperatures can both strengthen the immune system and stimulate blood circulation.  This treatment should be customised by spending more time in the sauna then a short time of a few minutes in the snow room.

2. Relief from chronic pain

A widely known treatment for chronic is the repeated application of snow on the body when alternating between heat and cold. Doing so can alleviate chronic pain in both muscles and joints.

3. Improvement of blood circulation

The health benefits of improved circulation can be profound. Exercise is the best understood method for achieving this. However, it is also known that alternating between hot and cold therapies can also achieve similar results in the improvement of blood circulation.

4. Muscle regeneration

Many athletes swear by the use of ice baths after a sauna for helping the muscles to heal and regenerate. This type of treatment can also reduce inflammation. A custom sauna then snow room treatment cycle acts in much the same way with similar outcomes.

5. Improved sleep patterns

One often overlooked health benefit of a sauna then snow is improved sleep. This is achieved by the increase of serotonin in the brain. There have been a myriad of studies conducted on this subject.

How to enjoy your snow sauna treatment cycle

The process of enjoying sauna then snow therapy is simple and straightforward. Here we outline the 3 phase treatment application.

Phase 1: 15 minute sauna treatment

Phase 1: 15 minute sauna treatment

PHASE 1: Sit or lie down for 15 minutes in a sauna.

Phase 2: 5 minute snow room treatment

Phase 2: 5 minute snow room treatment

PHASE 2: Enter the snow room for a few minutes wearing something on your feet.

Phase 3: 15 minute relaxation treatment

Phase 3: 15 minute relaxation treatment

PHASE 3: Spend 15 minutes relaxing at room temperature.

If you’re interested in commissioning a custom-made snow sauna why not check out our dedicated service.