Payments policy

You can complete payment for the products and services we provide in a number ways

Leisurequip can take payments from all over the world. You are free to speak to us before you make any payments. If we are installing a bespoke wellness room we will decide on a suitable payment plan during consultation.


We can take secure payments for all major credit cards using stripe. We will send you a secure invoice link where you can pay your deposit or outstanding sums into our stripe account. We usually use this payment method for bespoke wellness services.

Additionally, if you make a purchase from our e-Commerce store you will also pay using stripe. We use this method as it is a much more convenient payment processor e-Commerce payments. All payments are protected by rigorous security.

Credit and debit card

Leisurequip accept all major credit and debit cards. These payments are conducted through the online checkout using stripe or via digital invoice using Worldpay or stripe. You are able to make a payment into our account from most places in the world.

Bank transfer

If we have a good working relationship you may want to consider a bank transfer. You can make a transfer directly from your bank to ours. There may be some fees involved depending on who you bank with and where in the world you are. Contact us for our bank details.


We still accept cheques as a method of payment for our bespoke wellness services. Any cheques would need to be cleared into our account before we can finalise any installation.


We do not accept payments over the telephone. All payments are conducted via the online checkout using stripe, digital invoice using Worldpay or stripe or via bank transfer.

General payment terms

For may of our products it’s not always convenient or necessary to pay in full up front. This is because some of the more expensive items need to be shipped from places such as Sweden. Because of this we offer the following payment terms.

With installation

  • 50% deposit with your order
  • 40% after import (prior to the delivery and installation)
  • 10% after the installation on completion

Without installation

  • 50% deposit with your order
  • 50% after import (prior to delivery)

PCI DSS compliance

Through Worldpay is also PCI DSS compliant. You can download a copy of our certificate below.