Your frequently asked questions on saunas, steam rooms, policies and related concerns

Below we answer as many questions as we can on varying topics covering anything from sauna installation to steam room care. If you have a question not answered here please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.

Do you connect up to all the locally provided services?2022-08-17T13:35:37+01:00

Yes we will install all the equipment related to the wellness rooms, even the lights.

Do you provide method statements and risk assessments?2022-08-17T13:34:47+01:00

We do provide method statements, risk assessments and meet all current health and safety requirements. Leisurequip employ The Health and Safety People who update us on all requirements throughout the year.

Have you worked for county councils before?2022-08-17T13:34:00+01:00

Leisurequip have worked on numerous projects with many local councils, hotels, leisure clubs, health spas, main contractors and private clients.

Do l need a specific space for a commercial steam room to fit?2022-08-17T13:33:24+01:00

If you are having a bespoke commercial steam room we can design it to fit any space. We will need to make sure is that it meets health and safety regulations but other than that the choice is yours.

Do you have electricians that can sign the work off?2022-08-17T13:32:01+01:00

Leisurequip employ a team of fully qualified electricians that will ensure your sauna, steam room or treatment room is fully compliant. When we’ve finished we will sign-off the completed installation.

Do you have CSCS cards and insurance?2022-08-17T13:31:30+01:00

All our site staff have CSCS cards that are fully up to date. Any member of staff that comes to your premises during installation will be fully trained and insured.

Is it expensive to operate a home sauna?2022-08-17T13:31:01+01:00

General everyday running costs of your bespoke home sauna are fairly low. Once the sauna is built you will only need to worry about heating costs and accessories such as cleaning, therapy oils and alike. Heating costs vary but can be as little as £1 per session.

Which types of wood panelling are best for saunas?2022-08-17T13:29:43+01:00

There are many choices available for sauna wood panelling with different scents, colours and textures. The most popular wood choices are aspen or spruce which are seen as traditional sauna woods. They are also the better value choices. More expensive wood panels for sauna include Red Cedar, Fir, Alder, American Tulipwood and Hemlock.

Can I have my sauna installed in any room?2022-08-17T13:29:00+01:00

The good news is that yes, you can install a sauna pretty much anywhere. There are a few things you need to consider such as a clean waterproof area and electrical point for the lighting and sauna heater. You may also want to consider putting it close to your bathroom as it’s good practice to take a shower after your sauna session.

Is it possible to build by sauna from stone?2022-08-17T13:27:54+01:00

Many sauna enthusiasts opt to have a stone walled sauna. Although not as popular as a traditional sauna, stones saunas are still widely used around the world. You may want to consider longer heating times and greater build and running costs. Leisurequip can supply and install a range of stone types for your sauna.

Will I need to ventilate my wood burning sauna heater?2022-08-17T13:26:36+01:00

Proper ventilation for a wood burning sauna heater must be put in place. The ventilation input must be some distance from the heater. The chimney of the heater will provide outgoing ventilation.

What is the difference between a dry and wet sauna?2022-08-17T13:25:52+01:00

Simply put a wet sauna is when you pour water over your sauna stones. A dry sauna is when no water is used during the bathing session. The water poured over the stones turns to steam and this is what is meant by a wet sauna.

Can I have the steam generator inside the steam room?2022-08-17T13:03:22+01:00

Unfortunately not. This is a health and safety issue. You steam generator must be kept in a well-ventilated, dry area outside the steam room.

Will my old control panel work with my new sauna?2022-08-17T12:59:46+01:00

This depends on whether you have installed a new sauna heater or kept the old one. It will also depend on how your old sauna room was controlled. It’s important to note that some sauna control panels have been re-branded but are essentially the same technology under the hood. Consequently, there is a chance it could still be relevant.

Can I install my control panel inside my steam room?2022-08-17T12:58:52+01:00

Unfortunately, you cannot install your steam room control panel inside the room for health and safety reasons. Also, the steam would degrade the working parts and it would soon stop functioning.

Can you sell me spare parts for my heater?2022-08-17T12:56:25+01:00

Leisurequip can supply and install most spare parts for all our products including sauna heaters. We are certified Tylo dealers and installers.

Will it be necessary to have a floor drain for my sauna?2022-08-17T12:55:08+01:00

For the most part this is only true if you are installing a commercial sauna. Larger home saunas that are used daily may also require a drain but generally it is not needed in domestic settings.

Is it possible to control my steam room via the internet?2022-08-17T12:54:24+01:00

In some cases and depending on the steam generator and control panel you will be able to control your steam room via the Tylo WellAccess APP.  We would never recommend you not being in the property when you operate your sauna or steam room for health and safety reasons.

Do I need specific types of sauna stones for my heater?2022-08-17T12:53:08+01:00

With most sauna heaters you can get away with using standard sauna stones. If however you are using a wood burning heater you will need to use larger stones to aid circulation.

How do I go about cleaning my sauna interior?2022-08-17T12:51:53+01:00

Firstly the floor should be mopped with mild soap and rinsed. Then clean the benches, again with mild soap and a wet cloth. At least once a year lightly sand the interior to remove stains. Use towels for seating areas and apply sauna wood oil to keep the wood looking fresh.

How hot can I make my sauna room?2022-08-17T13:02:23+01:00

Your sauna room should be not hotter than 194oF near the ceiling. This is in accordance to UK or ETL recommendations. It is always possible to make the sauna hotter but seek professional advice and possibly medical advice before you decide to do so.

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