This unique approach to wellness involves exposing the eyes to a range of coloured lights. Each coloured light or ‘chromo’ (meaning pigment – hence chromotherapy) operates on a different electro-magnetic wavelength.

It has been shown that exposure to a variety of coloured lights can positively affect one’s emotions shifting the mood and internal feelings. Many NeoQi products such as the Flamingo or Relax contain the facilities for this treatment.

The 6 colours of chromotherapy and their benefits:

  • Red – is known as an earth colour. Also linked to passion and vibrancy. Red harnesses the power of the earth, connecting us and enhancing our energy.
  • Yellow – is the mind colour. Yellow delivers mental stimulation, increased awareness, increased curiosity and can provide a certain level of clarity.
  • Orange – also known as the warming colour. Orange is great for generally increases in emotional positivity, enhanced immunity and overall potency.
  • Green – is the spirit colour. Green chromotherapy is widely known to deliver emotional stability, is great for tired nerves, empathy and can ultimately refresh a tired spirit.
  • Blue – known as the colour for relaxing. Blue chromotherapy can subdue and pacify the nervous system, delivering a relaxed state. It can also help with sleep problems.
  • White – is the colour of purity. Containing all the colours in perfect and equal balance, white chromotherapy can purify the mind, cleanse the emotions and strengthen the spirit.

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About the Author: Kenton Mann

Kenton Mann
Kenton Mann has been at the helm of Leisurequip ltd. and involved in the wellness industry for over 40 years. In that time he has become an expert many times over in the design and construction of a myriad of bespoke wellness rooms. Furthermore, he is also the UK's pre-eminent Tylo Sauna & Steam expert with unparalleled knowledge not found anywhere else.

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