There’s a new treatment that’s gaining huge ground in the health & leisure market. Salt sauna therapy is a mixture of speleotherapy (salt spa therapy) and regular sauna bathing. These hybrid treatment rooms cross the boundaries of both traditions. They are becoming increasingly popular installations in luxury home spas.

The primary difference between a traditional sauna and a salt sauna is that within the sauna interior. Either the interior or the entire walls are fabricated from Estonian salt mine blocks.

salt sauna therapy interiorTraditional salt room therapy

Traditional salt cave or salt room therapy is known as speleotherapy. Its origins lie with a physician that worked in a Polish salt mine in 1843. The physician noted that the miners had no respiratory conditions and so salt spa therapy developed from there.

Modern salt rooms are generally a strictly controlled environment that uses a salt atomiser machine. This is know technically as a halogenerator and blows salt mist into the room which helps to ease repository aliments.

Wet salt rooms are similar but the salt blocks are usually behind glass or clear Perspex. A salt halogenerator then injects the salt into the steam with addition aromatherapy of eucalyptus or mint to complete the therapy experience.

The cleansing power of salt sauna therapy and its disinfection values of the salt are known to cleanse the respiratory track and the sinuses. This assists with clearer breathing and overall well-being. The therapy is comparable to taking in some sea air as was done in Victorian times.

Salt sauna therapy

Salt saunas use inset panels containing salt blocks with back -lit LED’s that add an extra dimension to sauna bathing. The LED’s can be a fixed colour or colour changing chroma-therapy lights. The light gleams through the semi-transparent salt blocks.

The main salt sauna therapy comes from salt atomisation spray blown into the sauna environment by a halogenerator. The dry rooms are fitted out with tiled heated recliner bench facing the salt wall with the other three remaining walls and floor are back heated.

Now becoming very popular in the UK, Leisurequip design and install traditional salt caves, warm dry or wet salt rooms and salt saunas. These make a stunning additional alternative therapy to any professional health spa or home.