For years, saunas have been touted for their potential health benefits, like total body relaxation and cleansing. If you have ever been in a sauna, you will know how invigorating and revitalising a good, healthy sweat can be. Saunas have been around since ancient times and the Finns even used it as a place to purify the mind and prepare the dead for burial.

What particularly separates saunas from other forms of steam baths is the type of heat used. Unlike steam rooms, which feature moist heat, saunas use dry heat at temperatures normally between 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, you can also enjoy the relaxing experience of a luxury spa resort in the comfort of your own house by installing home saunas like the Tylo range by Leisurequip in your bathroom.

1. Saunas for stress relief

Research has often shown that a sauna can have a therapeutic, calming effect on your body. This not only can help to relax your tense muscles, but may also provide pain relief to aching joints in your body. Infrared sauna therapy, in particular, has been shown to reduce the negative physical impact of stress on our bodies. An infrared sauna session with Leisurequip’s Tylosand sauna range can help you melt away all the stress in your life by providing a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

2. Improved circulation

You may have noticed the rosy glow of your own body following a sauna bath. This occurs because of the dilatation of the capillaries in your body causing increased blood flow to your skin. The heat of the sauna that leads to this increased circulation causes the nutrients to move towards the subcutaneous and surface tissue level, resulting in healthy glowing skin.

3. Elimination of toxins

Skin is the largest organ in our body, so it is natural that it plays a major role in eliminating undesirable toxins by means of sweating. Saunas have long been used for the process of detoxification and cleansing the body. However, while using saunas, you should drink plenty of fluids to help replace the water you’ve lost through sweating. This is also important for the proper functioning of the kidneys, which require water for flushing out toxins like urea.

4. Relief from arthritis

For many of us suffering from arthritis in the form of daily pain and stiffness, the good news is that infrared saunas could help to ease the symptoms to a considerable extent. The heat from the sauna might help to lower the inflammation and puffiness in the affected joints, causing reduction in the pain and discomfort. The detoxifying effect of a sauna therapy can further help to flush the body of the by-products of anti-inflammatory medications that you might have taken for treating the condition.

5. Cardiovascular benefits

When we think of cardio-vascular conditioning, we often resort to aerobic training like walking, jogging and swimming for staying healthy. However, what most of us overlook is that infrared sauna systems are known for potentially improving the cardiovascular health of people. Leisurequip’s range of Tylo saunas, which comes in different sizes and ranges, could help to condition our heart muscles and improve our heart rate or cardiac output.

If you are looking for luxury sauna treatments within your own domestic settings, Leisurequip UK can assist you with the process. They are the approved dealer-installer for Tylo, Sweden’s renowned sauna producer, offering an impressive collection for a complete home spa experience.

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