The recession seems to be passing for better times ahead and sales have increased on all of our Tylo prefabricated steam rooms. Even though the bespoke tiled steam room with frameless glass is still very much so on the shopping lists of our wealthy clients, we have noticed a definite resurgence in recent sales.

The Tylo i170, i130 and i110c prefabricated steam rooms have seen sales go through the roof. This is a very affordable and very flexible home steam room.

The units have built in overhead shower, hand held shower, the space for two (seated in the i170) and a ultra clever built in steam generator with glass touch pad control. All this is housed within the shower column so there is no need to have a separate machine outside the unit.

Tylo have also made it very easy to install with full instructions and a three service connection at the rear for hot, cold and the electrical supply. This is hidden by the black or white glass to the rear corner or wall the prefab steam room is built into or against.

All these luxury prefabricated steam rooms can be installed directly onto a wet room floor or a shower floor tray as an optional extra. Doors can be on the end or front as all the panels are interchangeable to suit your installation.

Top 5 Benefits of a Having a Sauna and Steam Room in the Home

Top 5 Benefits of a Having a Sauna and Steam Room in the Home

New arrivals: Tylo Panacea prefabricated steam rooms

With the  arrival of the new Tylo Panacea steam room with have seen strong interest and we have asked if we can provide a matching Panacea sauna that Tylo will make if you require a matching pair by a London interior designer.

The Panacea prefab steam rooms are for commercial or domestic home use and come as a packaged multi-therapy room with aromatherapy, chromotherapy and steam therapy all as standard. The smaller versions of the steam room Panacea range can have a built in steam shower column if a separate steam generator is not preferred.

Even the older style Tylo Elysee prefabricated unit has seen a steady increase recently with two rooms being sold in the last month. The new Elysee steam room has built in down lights to each individual comfortable steam.

The members of the Roehampton Club in London adore it as part of their daily exercise and well-being regime. Groups meet and chat in the prefabricated steam rooms and has been a well received compliment to the luxury sauna and spa installed by Leisurequip into this private and exclusive club.

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About the Author: Kenton Mann

Kenton Mann
Kenton Mann has been at the helm of Leisurequip ltd. and involved in the wellness industry for over 40 years. In that time he has become an expert many times over in the design and construction of a myriad of bespoke wellness rooms. Furthermore, he is also the UK's pre-eminent Tylo Sauna & Steam expert with unparalleled knowledge not found anywhere else.

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    luciana September 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    studied the information on this site quite a lot, hoping to take the plunge before long and acquire a steam shower cabin, in all probability immediately following the holiday season

  2. Avatar photo
    Karey October 22, 2014 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Tons of features and functions on these steam showers, I like the multimedia opinion as well as the lighting style

  3. Avatar photo
    Christin December 9, 2014 at 5:40 am - Reply

    this one looks a lot like my own shower enclosure I bought only recently, very happy with it for any person on the fence with regards to buying one, get it done, you will not be sorry

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