Infrared sauna therapy offers many therapeutic and healing benefits for users of all ages and body shapes. Infrared radiation is vitally important to almost all forms of life, and can be harnessed and exploited via controlled sauna therapy.

The infrared radiation can penetrate through the epidermis and on down to a depth of between 3 and 7 centimetres. Penetrated tissues experience an increase in temperature. This can go on to vastly improve physical ailments such as muscle and joint aches, ligament and tendon conditions. In addition it can also help combat colds or flu.

IR sauna therapy

The anti-inflammatory effect or IR (infrared radiation) are widely known throughout the medical professions. Just a few sessions of infrared sauna therapy via one of their exciting spa cocoons can dramatically alter many physical and psychological conditions. As a result you will feel energised and revitalised.

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Kenton Mann
Kenton Mann has been at the helm of Leisurequip ltd. and involved in the wellness industry for over 40 years. In that time he has become an expert many times over in the design and construction of a myriad of bespoke wellness rooms. Furthermore, he is also the UK's pre-eminent Tylo Sauna & Steam expert with unparalleled knowledge not found anywhere else.

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