Your typical hydromassage treatment machine consists of multiple, directional water jets. These jets can be increased in both strength and temperature. The resulting treatment is extremely pleasant and satisfying. As a result, it delivers a huge revitalising boost to general well-being.

The stimulating effects of a hydromassage treatment are widely known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. additionally, it can deliver emotional stability and peace of mind. Hydromassage machines are often used by pregnant women as the treatment can alleviate general discomfort. Consequently, they help relax the user and improve mental alertness.

NeoQi hydrotherapy baths are ergonomically contoured so the body lies perfectly with no negative points of pressure. A NeoQi hydromassage and hydrotherapy bath is manufactured from reinforced and tempered acrylic that is shock resistant and has perfectly smooth surfaces making it easy to keep clean and hygienic.