Usually part of a range of spa treatments such as mud or essential oils, the NeoQi vichy shower is administered lying down and covers the whole body. The heavy ‘rain-like’ spray contains fine filaments of water spray that deliver a penetrating massage effect.

Temperature, strength and direction can be adjusted to deliver a range of specific treatments and benefits. The vichy shower is known to have a positive effect on the body’s reflex zones, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of a NeoQi vichy shower treatment:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces stress via skin nerve stimulation
  • Body contouring and cellulite treatment
  • Normalises the metabolism
  • Detoxification and rejuvenation
  • Helps chronic digestive diseases
  • Helps dysfunction of the thyroid
  • Improves seasonal depression
  • Improves chronic fatigue syndrome

A typical shower treatment involves lying horizontally on the treatment table in parallel to the water jets above. As a result you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and detoxified. This treatment is perfect for after a Thalassotherapy session.

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