• Benefits of Bespoke Glass Walls for a Steam Enclosure or Sauna

Benefits of Bespoke Glass Walls for a Steam Enclosure or Sauna

Are you thinking of unwinding in a sauna after a long, hectic day at work? Perhaps the potential health benefits draw you towards purchasing a house sauna or home spa. The reasons to install a personal steam enclosure may be plenty but the ultimate purpose is just to achieve serenity and relaxation.

If you are looking for bespoke glass walls, you should take advantage of Leisurequip’s extensive experience to fashion just what you desire. The Tylo glass doors and walls are made-to-order. The layout, features, finish and specifications are contributory factors to make your steam room experience truly memorable.

Just tell us what you want and we will design, build and deliver a house sauna, steam enclosure or a commercial spa with bespoke glass walls of your choice. With over three decades in the business of designing and installing treatment rooms, home spas, Tylo glass doors, saunas and steam rooms we are definitely an ideal choice for your sauna needs.

Some benefits of installing bespoke glass walls in saunas or steam rooms:

  • Bespoke glass walls sauna or steam room installations can be fine-tuned according to your ideas, likes and expectations.
  • Glass walls offer a stylish look, lending a strong sense of space that in turn provides a revitalising and calming experience.
  • A glass wall in a sauna gives a lot of light which makes our installations feel even more spacious.
  • Glass walls in saunas and steam rooms come with clean lines and offer very good visibility. The frameless construction ensures there is a clear view from the steam enclosure.
  • The standard glass thickness of 3/8” serves as a good all-around watertight seal, which is great for residences. The watertight seal helps contain the steam within and also keeps the moisture out from adjacent areas.
  • The bespoke glass walls can be cut to any size.
  • The etching, frosting and shades on the glass fascia offer good privacy and especially good to install in a commercial spa centre.
  • Glass walls are made of at least 8mm reinforced safety glass which guarantees safety for the people using the house sauna.
  • Glass is very resistant to water, moisture and temperature variants. These contributory factors ensure the longevity of the sauna and steam room and heat is well-contained in the sauna.

When the sauna was designed by the ancient Finnish, it was meant to be more than just a bath. The benefits that it offered were oriented towards creating the ultimate tranquil effect on the mind and body.

Today, with increased awareness about the benefits of saunas and steam rooms, people are making time to relax and unwind in custom-made Leisurequip saunas and steam enclosures.

About the Author:

Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 36 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today the company has direct links with Swedish Saunas manufacturer TylöHelo and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country.


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    Anonymous 1st October 2014 at 10:09 pm - Reply

    A wide variety of tremendous advise on this web site, really need a steam shower unit inside my bathroom

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    Sonja Spalding 24th December 2014 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    My Partner And I just recently put in our steam shower unit, the best thing i’ve purchased in a while, the little ones and friends and family think it’s great, simply cannot see myself heading back to regular showers again

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