The Neoqi Air Bubble Massage (sometimes referred to as an ‘aeromassage’) gently massages the body’s muscles and tissues. In a similar fashion to a regular massage, the air bubbles deliver a range of unique massage sensations. Users report it being akin to wrapping the body in a soft, warm cloud of vibrating bubbles.

A Neoqi air bubble massage or aeromassage treatment will stimulate the body’s nerve endings. As a result it will increase blood flow and deliver an improvement in perimetric circulation. The increased oxygen flows will enrich the body’s tissues and organs, reducing swelling, moisturising the skin and restoring vitality.

Positive results have also been observed with the treatment of cellulite over the course of regular air bubble massage treatment sessions. The treatment can be provided by a range of Neoqi spa pods and machines.

A treatment that delivers beyond the physical

The Neoqi aeromassage machine can also deliver benefits far beyond the physical. Air bubble massage treatments are widely known to reduce stress, positively affect mood and moderate every day mental tensions.

Additional benefits such as relaxing the muscles can positively aid with insomnia and a variety of neurotic states.

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