Amongst the many services we offer is the installation of the next generation of bespoke hydrotherapy spas and tiled spas. These luxury tiled spas are custom built and installed to your dimensional and design requirements. They are fitted out with stainless steel fitments throughout including jets, skimmers and LED underwater lights.

The hydrotherapy spa installations and tiled spas can come either as a skimmer spa or an overflow spa installation. The overflow spas have the addition of a balance tank in the plant room. We have many options to choose from and can use any materials you might wish to supply us such as specific tiles you have chosen. We can easily tile the spa or hydrotherapy spa installation in the matching décor of your interior design.

Hale Country Club hydrotherapy spa installation

Hale Country Club hydrotherapy spa installation

Features for our hydrotherapy spa installations

Leisurequip are also able to add features such as external water spouts and relaxing air tiled loungers or stainless air massage beds within the spa if there is sufficient room. The luxury tiled spas are brought to site either in quarters or halves and jointed on site by the manufacturer.

This usually means site access is never a problem because the spa joints are then tiled on site so there are no visible joints. The shell is then connected to the plant room where the equipment is housed.

This type of bespoke tiled spa installation is a very important centre piece to any luxury home or health spa leisure facility. Leisurequip have decades of Hydrotherapy Spa Installation experience working with clients to achieve the designer look and individuality of creating a superb luxury spa installation. We provide full manufacturers drawings prior to the hydrotherapy spa installation & manufacturing process commencing. This is signed off by the client once the drawing meets with requirement and then goes into production.

From placing an order for a hydrotherapy spa installation the lead time is around 5 – 6 weeks before arriving on-site and around a week to install. Lesiurequip also provide on-site training for the spa operator and also a spa servicing contract can be arranged with us.

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