• TyloHelo Panacea Twin: The Ultimate Sauna and Steam Room Combo
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  • TyloHelo Panacea Twin Combined Sauna Steam Room

TyloHelo Panacea Twin: The Ultimate Sauna and Steam Room Combo

During a recent visit to the TyloHelo factory in Halmstad, Sweden Leisurequip were lucky enough to be shown upcoming wellness products for 2019. Among them was this exciting new Panacea Twin. This ultimate sauna and steam room combo marries together the popular Tylo Panacea steam cabin with the remarkable Harmony sauna kit. Most notably, this luxury sauna and steam room is now available to order through Leisurequip.

Because of the nature of the product combinations you will need to have a thorough consultation before ordering. As a starting point you will need to choose the size of the Panacea steam room first, followed by the Harmony sauna section.

Watch a quick video of this ultimate sauna and steam room

Both sections are then married together with a bespoke front frame. The frame can be in the style of either the sauna or steam room. Leisurequip can also bespoke build a glass front should you wish.

Worth mentioning is the range of interior options for the Harmony sauna kit. There are literally hundreds of design and wellness options for the entire unit. If you’re someone looking for the ultimate sauna and steam room combo, the TyloHelo Panacea Twin is definitely for you.

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Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 36 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today the company has direct links with Swedish Saunas manufacturer TylöHelo and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country.

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