Leisurequip had the recent pleasure of providing a new sauna installation at the Amravati Buddhist monastery in Hemel Hempstead. The leisure construction was a stunningly beautiful wood burning sauna hewn out of spruce. On request (you must ask as they do NOT sell their religion) our director Kenton was taken on a tour of the monastery by the monks during the initial site visit to spec up the new construction.

The monks are generally reliant on good natured donations to survive without society or want. They provide help with Buddha’s teachings and understanding to all who wish to follow but generally do not proactively impose their way of life on others.

Leisurequip were proud to be shown around which helped understand a little glimpse of the Buddhist religion when we went to fit their new sauna. With his usually generosity our electrician went off to make an offering of food cooked by his partner to the monks whilst installing the sauna for them.

Out with the old in with the new sauna.

The new installation required us to remove the old sauna (which had seen better days) and reuse the existing flue stack. The new installation was hand cut on site from traditional spruce wood panelling. The benches were in aspen wood as was the backrest and skirting.

The wood fired Tylo sauna heater was installed onto a metal tray and was connected back into the existing flue. The monks are allowed to use a fire room (sauna) once in the lunar cycle to warm themselves and meditate.

Sauna bathing is one of their only pleasures and something the monks look forward to on each lunar cycle when Buddha’s teachings allows.

Leisurequip’s new sauna installation service covers the whole of the UK and beyond and we hope the Amaravati monastery enjoy their new sauna and brings them good meditation.

Visit the website: http://www.amaravati.org/