Custom Built Red Cedar Sauna Installed in Kentmere, Cumbria

In brief

Leisurequip were recently commissioned to custom build and install a luxury red cedar sauna for a client in Kentmere, Cumbria. The commission meant we had to take a team, tools and components to a remote part of the UK.

Majestic location

Reaching the clients home was a long, but beautiful drive along the extremely narrow and remote area of Kentmere in the Lake District national park. We initially had trouble finding Rawe Cottage. Luckily there was a helpful shepherd that provided directions and put us on the right track.

Kentmere has majestic views down the valley from an elevated position. The old character cottage owned by a local client who grew up in the area and lives there some of the year. Most of the year they work away from home, so they also holiday let the cottage when they are working.

Bathroom renovation

The client wanted the bathroom updated to a modern contemporary standard. That included having an additional facility in the main bathroom to accommodate a custom built red cedar sauna. Our sauna installation ticked all the requirements.

The stunningly beautiful sauna was hand cut on site by our own craftsmen who have a wealth of experience in many other woods beside cedar. Notably, the sauna interior has an L shaped lower bench and high bench with skirt unit all in Alder wood.

For the sauna heater we used a standard Tylo 8kw sport heater and the local stone floor was undertaken by a local builder. The red cedar wood was sourced by the client through the builders supply company Kendal. Leisurequip conducted all work through Kendal during the sauna installation.

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We’ve been creating tailored wellness experiences since 1982.