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Great looking steam rooms for home use are few and far between these days, with many manufacturers opting to focus on the more popular domestic sauna market. Luckily, there are still a handful of gems on the UK market. Here are 2 of the best indoor steam rooms for home use. When looking for a domestic steam room you will need to consider many installation factors.

This type of wellness equipment generally requires a recess of some kind and because they are usually kits you’ll also need a minimum space size and height. As a result, a consultation before you buy your home steam room is generally a good idea, followed by professional installation.

1. Tylo Elysée indoor steam room

The Tylo Elysée is one of the UK's best indoor steam rooms

The Tylo Elysée is one of the UK’s best indoor steam rooms

Probably the most popular indoor steam rooms for home use, the Tylö Elysée offers domestic enthusiasts a number of product sizes and variations. The full white special grade plastic interior and ready-to-assemble sections mean the Elysee is one of the best and most enduring home steam rooms you can buy in the UK.

Most notably, this almost perfect domestic steam room offers re-enforced ergonomic seating. You also get a modular interior, tinted glass doors and recessed downlighting.

2. Helo Vapé indoor home steam room

The Helo Vapé is a popular indoor home steam room

The Helo Vapé is a popular indoor home steam room

In opposition to the Tylo Elysee, the modular Helo Vape offers a much wider range of options for size, design and interior. Designed primarily for home use, this remarkable indoor steam room will easily meet any domestic requirements. This is thanks in part to the powerful steam room generators and innovative use of materials.

With the Helo Vapé you also get the options of domed, flat or tunnel roof. As is standard amongst these types of steam room you also get reinforced seating. Plus there’s an easy to clean interior and a pore-free finish for maximum hygiene.

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About the Author: Kenton Mann

Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 40 years ago by Eddie Mann and a team of skilled professionals with a background in construction. Fast forward to today and we are one of the UK's most prominent providers of bespoke wellness experiences. Our company also has direct links with Swedish sauna manufacturer Tylö and its UK distribution centre in the west country.

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