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Bespoke mud chambers

Experience the ultimate in sensory pampering and detoxification in our bespoke built Rasul mud chambers

Leisurequip design and build bespoke mud chambers from initial concept through to finished installation. Now popular in the UK, Rasul mud treatments have been around for centuries and originate from Morocco. Serail or Rasul mud therapy is used to treat of an extensive range of conditions. Rasul or rhassoul refers to the mineral rich clay which is smothered over the body during the treatment.
Our bespoke mud chambers usually have tiled interiors similar to a steam room or Hammam. Inside, soft lighting is used to enhance the overall therapy experience. A Rasul spa treatment is an ideal additional to any commercial wellness spa or health club. They are usually installed as part of a range of treatment rooms. We can also design and build this mud therapy room as part of a luxury home health spa.

Rasul mud chambers can greatly enhance any spa complex

The intense combination of mud, heat and steam are what make the Rasul Serial so popular. As a result, they are a stunning addition to any commercial spa or wellness complex.

Rasul mud therapy benefits include:

  • Relieves stress
  • Helps skin conditions
  • Reduces swellings
  • Alleviates kidney problems
  • Intensely relaxing
  • Helps stomach troubles
  • Helps with chronic muscle pain
  • Contributes to better circulation
  • Great for detoxification
  • Is used for skin exfoliation
  • Softens the skin

Rasul mud therapy benefits

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