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Learn about what it takes to build your own sauna at home with this DIY sauna guide from Leisurequip

If you’re handy with a few tools and want to keep your costs down you may want to consider building your own sauna from a kit. This guide will introduce you to what’s involved in putting together a DIY sauna. This DIY sauna guide won’t show you how to make a sauna from scratch. It will however, give you a run down on all the constituent parts you’ll need and a few important factors you’ll need to consider.
A DIY home sauna if often a great way for the enthusiast to keep costs down. DIY sauna kits provide the great pleasure that comes from constructing your own project. The end result will be all the benefits that come from sauna bathing. We can supply you with everything you need to make your own sauna. Plus expert advice is just a phone call away should you need any advice choosing what’s best.

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Considerations for building your own sauna using DIY

Space + location planning

Proper planning is key to any DIY project whether it’s building a garden shed or a sauna. You will need to consider where and how much space you have available. For example, the minimum ceiling height of your DIY home sauna needs to be at least 1900 mm for safety reasons.

This is for a clear height over the sauna heater, especially with angled ceilings. If the ceiling is any lower the risk of fire increases. It is also a good idea to have bathroom facilities fairly close by. Although not necessary, many people choose a spare bedroom or the loft.

If you’re planning on building your own sauna against a ‘cold’ wall it’s a good idea to leave a gap between the wall and your sauna insulation. This will help prevent any condensation building up over time.

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Wood panelling for the walls and ceiling

For many people looking to build their own sauna the obvious choice for materials is traditional wood panelling. This is accepted as being the best choice for both interior and exterior. There are many woods available but the main choices are spruce, cedar, aspen and alder.

In the past traditional saunas were made from solid wood logs which provided all the thermal insulation you needed for the sauna room. Nowadays it’s often not that easy to create a DIY sauna in the same way so thermally insulated sauna panelling has taken its place.

Each type of wood has its own distinctive aroma which adds a huge amount to the overall sauna experience so choose carefully. You may prefer a stone interior for an ancient ambience. If you wish to use stone you need to understand your sauna will take much longer to heat.

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