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Bespoke feature showers

Experience is everything and there’s no better bathroom spa feature that our bespoke experience showers

If you’re operating a commercial wellness spa or upgrading your home bathroom you might want to consider our bespoke feature showers. Increasingly popular in the UK, experience showers take the daily cleaning ritual to a whole new level. Key aspects of our bespoke experience shower installation include embedded LED lighting or fibre optics (chromatography), audio system, mosaic tiled interior, power shower, steam shower, mist function and more.
Most notably, you can have the shower head as a Vichy style hydrotherapy shower that can deliver gallons of a water a minute. Also available is bucket shower than can be emptied over the head in a single motion. Additional aspects of the interior can be customised including tiled seating area, bespoke frameless glass, standard tiling designs as well as bisazza. We can custom design and install your bespoke feature shower from concept or work directly with your architect.

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