Leisurequip have been working with London Company Primus Build on a three floor apartment in Wilton Crescent, Central London. We were asked to provide the supply and installation of a bespoke sauna and luxury steam shower within the basement of the property.

Opposite the luxury steam shower we installed a bespoke luxury sauna for the client to use in the relaxation area which includes wine cellar, media lounge with TV and gym. The bespoke sauna has a Tylo H1 controller which matches the steam showers.

The sauna benches are in matching aspen with concealed lighting in the aspen backrest adding a relaxing subdued lighting atmosphere.

The basement area is 2 floors underground and is a completely noise free getaway from the busy London streets above.

The stone tiled floor runs through into the luxury bespoke sauna from the luxury bathroom which also has the usual chic facilities and even a carved stone sink.

The overall design is contemporary with a hardwood bench for changing, relaxing or to cool off whilst enjoying the sauna and steam shower bathing experience.

Visit the website: http://www.primusbuild.com/h/home/projects/4/#/5