Every now and then a job comes along that is a little more interesting than most. Recently we had the pleasure of installing Twin Wooden Hot Tubs at Cliveden House in Taplow Nr Maidenhead, the very place associated with Christine Keeler and the Profumo affair.

Leisurequip installed twin wooden hot tubs for the hotels outdoor leisure facility. Both wood units are situated at the bottom end of the very swimming pool associated with the Profumo affair and where some of the goings on had occurred.

The two wooden hot tubs were craned into position and concealed trenches dug to the new plant room which was an old store. The filters are diatomaceous earth filters, pumps, air blowers and stranco chemical control units.

Magnificent place for the wooden hot tubs.

The wooden hot tubs stand adjacent to the main house with the gold clock tower being visible from them. This is a magnificent position with the health spa amenities close by having saunas, steam rooms and an indoor spa.  All designed and installed by Leisurequip when it was originally built a few years ago. A stunning setting and an absolutely stunning installation!