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Bespoke Tylarium

Enjoy the ancient wellness ritual of the soft sauna experience in our custom built Tylarium

Like so many of our bespoke treatment rooms the Tylarium dates back to Roman times and is a combination of steam room and sauna. At 45-65°C, a Tylarium is much milder and less intense than a traditional sauna experience. Consequently, it is often referred to as a ‘soft sauna’. Similarly to a sauna, a bespoke Tylarium wellness room can be installed in just a few square metres of space. As a result it is accessible to both home owners and commercial spa facilities.
A luxury soft sauna Tylarium has the option of setting the environment to steam or dry heat with the use of aromatic scents to enliven the experience. Tylarium Combi heaters come with in-built steam tank and the ability to manage the humidity of the room. Simply switch to a traditional sauna experience with a click of a switch. This makes the Combi heater a perfect and popular choice for many couples who often have differing sauna and steam preferences.

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