Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of a soft sauna Tylarium

Like so many of our bespoke treatment rooms the Tylarium dates back to Roman times and is a combination of steam room and sauna. At 45-65C, a Tylarium is much milder and less intense than a traditional sauna experience which is why it is often referred to as a ‘soft sauna’.

Similarly to a sauna a bespoke Tylarium treatment room can be installed in a few square metres of space making it accessible to home owners and commercial spa facilities. A luxury soft sauna Tylarium has the option of setting the environment to steam or dry heat with the use of aromatic scents to enliven the experience.


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Some of the Tylarium features:

  • Inbuilt heater boils water for humidity
  • No pouring water on hot rocks

  • Gentler sauna at lower temperatures
  • Dry, wet, and steam in a single session


Tylarium Combi soft sauna heaters

Combi heaters come with in-built steam tank and the ability to manage the humidity of the room. Not feeling the love for your steam experience? Simply switch to a traditional sauna experience with a click of a switch. This makes the Combi heater a perfect and popular choice for many couples who often have differing sauna and steam preferences.

Also for the larger commercial Tylariums Tylo have developed their own commercial sauna heaters that can pair up with an appropriately sized steam room generator, both units are then controlled through a CC300T control panel.


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What our clients are saying

“The service that Kenton and Leisurequip provided was remarkable by any standard. They understand every detail of what they are doing so that our sauna was planned really well. They made suggestions on layout, fittings, heater and other details like the door so that the design was really optimised. Even a sliding lower bench so I have space to do yoga. Then they build quality was terrific. I use my sauna almost every day and love it. It’s ageing very well and works flawlessly. I love it!””
Mr Cox, House owner - London W2


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