With any refurbishment installation we have to strip out the old construction first.  We have been providing a sauna refurbishment service across the UK for as long as we’ve been in leisure business. With the Tadley Swimming Pool commercial sauna refurbishment we initially stripped out the old saunas benches and disposed of them, preparing the ground for the new sauna cladding to be installed.

tadley-sauna-refitDue to the nature of the business the client wanted the sauna back into use as soon as possible. We added cladding onto the existing sauna cabin which was an overall cleaner, more precise approach. For this installation we used a redwood aromatic cedar wood finish but can also use standard spruce or more luxury woods such as abachi or aspen.

The sauna has a triple tier seating arrangement and was a preferred option when the client Basingstoke and Dean Council instructed the commercial sauna at one of their leisure centres.

Commercial SaunaThe images show how we clad over the existing sauna cabin; this took part on the second day of the installation. The renewed internal wiring is also visible, as usually the lighting cabling and sometimes the heater cable can show signs of heat breakdown due to the high temperatures it experiences, so it always advisable to renew these items to give maintenance free time once the installation is complete.

Triple tier commercial sauna benches

Finally it was time to fit the new commercial sauna benching; this was a triple tier and double tier return in Tylo aspen benches to contrast with the cedar cladding. Backrests are fitted to the rear and side walls, these can have concealed strip lights if required. There is also 3 x standard 240v ceramic sauna lights each giving 40w of light and wooden aspen shades, this keeps the sauna well lit for all to enjoy and public safety.

A Tylo SD16kw heater was fitted with new CC300 programmable control panel in the plant room adjacent, this not only controls the timing periods (up to 4 on offs a day) but can also control the temperature of each session, as some like it hot and some not so hot. The sauna heater had a bespoke guard for extra safety.

NOTE: This commercial sauna is appointed in redwood aromatic cedar with a triple tier seating arrangement, the woods contrast was a preferred option when the client Basingstoke and Dean Council instructed the sauna at one of their leisure centres.

Visit the website: http://www.basingstokeleisure.com/tadley/FAC_HealthSuite