• Chadacre Hall Suffolk Has A Bespoke Luxury Sauna Commissioned

Chadacre Hall Suffolk Has A Bespoke Luxury Sauna Commissioned

Chadacre Hall is the ancient seat of the Plampin family and was originally built in 1835. Leisurequip were incredibly proud to be commissioned to install a bespoke luxury sauna on this magnificent, majestic country estate.

Chadacre Hall had recently undergone a total refit and had the addition of indoor swimming pool with a rising floor mechanism installed. The rising mechanism enabled the pool to be used as a room when the pool was not in use.

This feature overlooks the estate within a modern contemporary glass structure which blends beautifully with the historic building. The house was featured in The Times Newspaper having had a substantial additional wing added which nearly doubles the size of the house and includes garaging.

Working alongside Latham Architects and Farrans Construction, Leisurequip was given a space to design and install a bespoke luxury sauna to seamlessly integrate into this beautiful building. The bespoke sauna in aspen blonde wood with matching aspen benches, Tylö Sense plus 8kw heater with Tylo H1 control panel.

The bespoke luxury sauna had to incorporate a protective glass hinged window which was manufactured by ion glass. The bespoke luxury sauna the backrest has concealed lighting behind and the floor is in Italian marble which matches with the shower that is opposite.

Visit the website: http://www.lathamarchitects.co.uk/

Visit the website: http://www.farrans.com/

Visit the website: http://www.ionglass.co.uk/

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Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 36 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today the company has direct links with Swedish Saunas manufacturer TylöHelo and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country.

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