Discover your perfect home or commercial sauna.

At Leisurequip UK we have over 30 years’ experience in supplying and installing saunas. This covers every kind for both home and commercial use. We also have a wealth of experience designing and building bespoke saunas and commercial saunas from concept.

We are able to quickly and efficiently source any home saunas and infrared saunas for sale from the stunning Tylo range. For luxury commercial purposes or for those with a generally larger space and budget we are also able to work with your architect.

Bespoke Saunas

Bespoke Luxury Saunas

Nothing can compare to a luxury sauna built and installed to your specific requirements in […]

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Tylo Design Line

Tylo Design Line Saunas

Oozing style and elegance, the Tylo Design Line has everything a luxury sauna should have for […]

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Tylo Everyday Saunas for Sale

Tylo Everyday Saunas

The Tylo Everyday Sauna Range easily meets the production quality and design standards […]

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Tylo Evolve Range

Tylo Evolve Saunas

Enhance the mind, body and spirit with a pre-fabricated home sauna from the Tylo […]

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Tylo Evolve+ GF Range

Tylo Evolve+ GF Saunas

Discover the incredible, life enhancing luxury of the Evolve Plus Glass Front home sauna […]

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Tylo Evolve+ GC Range

Tylo Evolve+ GC Saunas

Designed in a similar vein to the Evolve Glass Front the Evolve Plus Glass Corner has […]

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Tylo Evolve PRO Range

Tylo Evolve PRO Saunas

New to the Evolve family, the Tylo Evolve PRO is designed specifically for commercial […]

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Tylo Vision Range

Tylo Vision Saunas

Moving away from the usual sauna design the Tylo Vision is a stunning range of ultra […]

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Tylo Infra Prime Range

Tylo Infra Prime Saunas

The Tylo Infra Prime is a collection of luxury infrared saunas like no other. With stunning […]

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Tylo Impression Range

Tylo Impression Saunas

Easily one of the most cost accessible home sauna kits for sale on the UK market, the […]

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DIY Home Sauna Kits

DIY Home Sauna Kits

If you’re handy with a few tools and want to keep your costs down you may want to consider […]

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Tylo Sauna Doors

Tylo Sauna Doors

If you’re designing your own sauna then you’ll need to think about sauna doors […]

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Tylo Sauna Heaters

Tylo Sauna Heaters

These beautifully designed heaters will transform your experience. We supply and install the […]

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Tylo Sauna Accessories

Tylo Sauna Accessories

More than just decorative extras, our complete range of sauna accessories and parts will […]

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High quality saunas & accessories for people who demand the best.

Enjoy the relaxing experience of a sauna. We have many traditional saunas for sale and are the Tylo trademark approved dealer / installer. Tylo are the internationally renowned Swedish sauna & steam manufacturer.

We can design & create inspirational bespoke luxury saunas. Our saunas are chosen by some of the most affluent people in the UK & the globe. They are chosen for their style, design, quality & lasting durability.

Our home sauna & commercial installation service covers all the Tylo steam saunas for sale as well as bespoke design and construction. Being a trademark approved UK dealer / installer for Tylo, we have extensive experience with all aspects of their sauna and steam products.

This includes panelling, benches, skirting, backrest, doors & lighting. After you select your dream sauna we’ll come to your property to build & install by hand. We traditionally cut everything ourselves to ensure a perfect installation is achieved in your given space. Read the full guide here…

As well as having a vast selection of traditional steam saunas for sale UK there is also a vast choice of timber panelling available. This ensures your requirement for the perfect indoor sauna is met, whatever your desires, whatever your budget.

Spruce is the standard panelling with more luxury woods available. We have Blonde Aspen, Aromatic Redwood Cedar, Adler, Heat Treated Ash or Hemlock. We also have another option of Abachi Wood for benches and panelling alike.