Helo Rocher

The striking design of the Helo Rocher electric sauna heater will be the centrepiece of any home or commercial sauna

Tall, luminous and striking, the Rocher is a masterclass in electric sauna heater design. This shimmering ‘grille style’ cylinder with radiate even warmth and steam throughout your home or commercial sauna. Floor standing, the Helo Rocher can be placed anywhere in your sauna room, but it looks even better when fully integrated into the floor.
Controlling the heater is achieved via an external control panel. Most notably, the full-length heating elements deliver an even and relaxing heat throughout the room. Visually, the stunning brushed steel, brazier design will be the centrepiece of any domestic sauna. Additional options include under lighting for the collar when sunk into the wood.

Technical information for this electric sauna heater

Brand Helo logo
Product name Rocher
Product type Sauna heater
Water tank N/A
Usage type Home, Commercial
Available finishes Chrome
Control panel Easy, Midi, T1, EC50
Relay box N/A, WE 30
Installation type Floor standing
Product variations 70, 105
Power output 6.8kw, 10.5kw
Sauna size 5-9m3, 9-15m3
Product size (WxHxD) 425 x 1130 x 425mm
Sauna stones 100kg
Min. distance from wall 100mm
Min. ceiling height 770mm
Additional innovations Can be countersunk fitted

Helo Rocher Electric Sauna Heater

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