NeoQi Flamingo

Indulge your customers in a world of wellness with the Flamingo luxury spa energy cocoon from NeoQi

Prepare your clients for a luxury spa experience unrivalled in both cost and excellence. With the name being derived from the elegant bird, the NeoQi Flamingo spa energy cocoon has a winged hood design. The hood opens up to a world of wellness treatments, therapies and rituals. Consequently, the Flamingo spa energy cocoon can deliver an extensive range of popular and ancient spa treatments.
Your clients can engage in on-going, effective treatment programs. Such treatments as cellulite reduction, weight loss and sleep deprivation. Designed for maximum comfort the compact NeoQi Flamingo packs as much energy and possibility as a dedicated spa complex. This versatile spa cocoon brings a wealth of luxury treatments into the hands of small hotel owners & beauty salons.

Technical information for the Flamingo spa energy cocoon

BrandNeoQi logo
Product nameFlamingo
Product typeSpa cocoon
Usage typeCommercial
MaterialsStainless steel, Acrylic
Available finishesflamingo colours
Typical treatmentsInfrared sauna, Vichy shower, Aromatherapy, Steam sauna, Chromatherapy, Hydromassage
Water capacityN/A
Drain connection40mm
Water inletG ½
Required pressure2-4 bar
Dimensions (L/W/H)230 x 95 x 155cm
Vichy showerIncluded
Music systemMP3

NeoQi Flamingo Spa Energy Cocoon

The NeoQi Flamingo is incredibly versatile and very straight-forward to use. Easily deliver infrared sauna, steam sauna, Vichy shower, aromatherapy or chromotherapy treatments.

The full range of spa facilities can be learnt by any member of your team. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver exceptional spa treatments for incredibly competitive prices.

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