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Turnkey snow solutions for any requirement

TechnoAlpin logo menuFor a number of years Leisurequip have been operating as the defacto UK dealer for TechnoAlpin. In that time we worked closely with the marketing team to assist in the development of the company footprint in the UK and to introduce new and existing clientele to breakthrough advances in snow production.

Through our unique relationship we are able to bring clients innovative snow room solutions for in home and commercial spas. In addition we have developed a bespoke snow sauna process that combines both snow room and sauna to deliver an unparalleled wellness experience.

From TechnoAlpin: From the beginning in 1990, TechnoAlpin has focused on optimizing existing snowmaking systems and developing new solutions for snow production. Two centers of expertise guarantee an optimum focus of the research work in the development of fan guns and snow lances.

By working in close collaboration with universities, research institutes and specialist partner companies, TechnoAlpin will also be able to continue offering improved snow solutions in future. Our snow guns and other components, such as pumping stations and software, benefit from this ongoing research.

technoalpin snow room

Related testimonial—

“Working with Leisurequip was (and continues to be) a great experience. Our partnership with Leisurequip as our official TechnoAlpin dealer in the UK allows both of us to combine the expertise of our respective organisations. A true win-win situation and an effective collaboration that shows its true value of sales results in spa wellness and indoor snow room products.”

—Lukas Andreas Dusini | Sales Manager | TechnoAlpin

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