Caesar chaise longue

Enjoy home or commercial relaxation in style and comfort with the Caesar heated marble chaise longue

Blurring the lines between home and spa utility, the Caesar chaise longue is a remarkable piece of sculpted furniture. The latest addition to a collection of luxury heated marble lounge chair, it is both exceptionally comfortable and aesthetically desirable. Minimalist in design, the Caesar heated chaise longue is just as at home in boutique hotels, commercial wellness spas or a range of domestic settings.
Masterfully designed by Fabio Alemanno, this heated marble lounge chair is ergonomically shaped for total comfort. Inside the chaise longue is housed infrared technology which provides even heat distribution up to 41°C. Additional features include adjustable tilting which provides a ‘zero gravity effect’ for enhanced comfort. As a result, the Caesar is as much a piece of modern art as it is spa furniture.

Technical details for the Caesar marble lounge chair

BrandFabio Alemanno Design
Product nameCaesar
Product typeChaise longue
Usage typeHome, Commercial
MaterialsMarble, Steel, Fibreglass
Available finishesNoire, Ivoire, Blance, Châtain. See below for full details
Voltage220-240V/800W | 110-120V/950W
ThermostatDigital; IP65 UL-TÜV approved
Power outletEuropean Bosch standard; IP54
TemperatureUp to 41°C
Electrical elevationN/A
SuitabilityIndoor, outdoor
Product dimensions (L/W/H)204 x 70 x 72cm
NotesJoint-less marble surface, 5 year guarantee, mobile via rollers, Digital thermostat

Available in a number of style finishes

This handcrafted marble sculpture is available in a range of marbles and three different base models. As a result, you can expect perfect integration into any type of environment. Enjoy the regenerative wellness effects of infrared with the Caesar by Fabio Alemanno.

Product variations for our marble heated loungers

Skai leather finishes for the lounger headrest

Finishes from left include: Black, Caramel, Grey, Dark Grey, Linen, Indiana, Tobacco and White.

Spa lounger headrest finishes include: Linen, Caramel, Tobacco, Indiana, Grey, Dark Grey, White, Black

Marble finishes for the lounger seating area

Finishes from left include: Empire, Chatain, Noire, Ivoire and Blanche.

MARBLE finishes from left: Empire, Chatain, Noire, Ivoire, Blance

Metallic lacquer finishes for the lounger base

Finishes from left include: Silver, Sandstone, Moonbeam, Glacier, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Desert Gold and Diamond Black.

Spa lounger headrest finishes include: Silver, Sandstone, Moonbeam, Glacier, Chestnut, Dark, Brown, Desert Gold, Diamond Black

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