Helo Roxx

Contemporary aesthetics meets precision design technology in the BWT ready Helo Roxx soft sauna heater

The perfect home soft sauna experience is now an every-day domestic reality with the Roxx sauna heater from Helo. Fusing industrial design sensibilities with a serious amount of stone, this soft sauna heater delivers what the Finns refer to as Löyly. This unique term is Finnish for ‘ladle created heated high-humidity air’.
Manufactured from brushed steel, the Helo Roxx is a floor standing unit (can be integrated) with multiple options for remote control. As a result, this contemporary heater can be controlled from inside or outside your home sauna room. With integrated BWT technology you get a multitude of wellness options for the whole family.

Technical information for this soft sauna heater

Brand Helo logo
Product name Roxx
Product type Sauna heater
Water tank N/A
Usage type Home
Available finishes Graphite
Control panel Easy, Midi, Digi II, T1, EC 50
Relay box N/A
Installation type Floor standing
Product variations 60 BWT, 90 BWT
Power output 6kw, 9kw
Sauna size 5-10 m3, 9-13 m3
Product size (WxHxD) 490 x 830 x 280mm
Sauna stones 38kg
Min. distance from wall 300mm
Min. ceiling height 1070mm
Additional innovations BWT Technology

Helo Roxx soft sauna heater

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