TyloHelo Harmony

The definitive kit for building your own home or commercial sauna room is here with the TyloHelo Harmony

If you want to build your own sauna at home or are looking for a modular, pre-fabricated sauna kit that will slot right into place, there’s literally no better route than with the TyloHelo Harmony. Versatility is the key proposition with modular sauna kit with every build arriving pre-cut, pre-drilled and ready to snap perfectly into place.
The comprehensive attention to detail in creating this exceptional modular sauna range is both admirable and enviable. When you hear the phrase ‘they’ve thought of everything’, this is what that looks like in reality. Whatever type of home or commercial sauna requirement you have for a sauna room you can build it with the Harmony.

3D Sauna Designer (not compatible with mobile devices)

You can now design your own sauna using the TyloHelo 3D sauna designer. Once you’ve created your design send us the specs and we’ll provide you with a no obligation quotation.

Start designing your sauna

TyloHelo Harmony sauna room kit

Design and build options for the TyloHelo Harmony sauna room kit

Brand tylohelo logo
Product name Harmony
Product type Sauna room
Usage type Home, Commercial
Wood type Spruce, Aspen, Thermo Aspen
Standard layouts
  • Square (Without glazed section)
  • Square (With glazed section, front)
  • Square (With glazed section, side)
  • Square (Glass door, front and side windows)
  • Square (Glass door and glass front)
  • Square (Glass door, glass front and pillarless glass corner)
  • Rounded corners (Glass door, glass front and wrap-around glass corner)
  • Corner (Wood only)
  • Corner (With glazed section)
Glass finish Clear, Tinted, Frosted
Soffit Side, Front, Front & side
Door handle Horizontal, Vertical
Product variations 300+
Bespoke installation Optional
Skirting panel Wide or narrows slats plus panel positions
Back support Optional
Sauna heater Sense Sport 6kW, Sense Pure 6kW, Sense Elite 6kW, Sense Combi Pure 6kW, Sense Combi Elite 6kW (Additional options available)
Product size (mm) Numerous (speak to us)
Control panel Elite, Pure (Additional options available)
Backlighting Optional

Build a home sauna with the TyloHelo Harmony kit

Countless man hours by skilled sauna designers have been devoted to creating the TyloHelo Harmony, and the result is evidence of just how smart and adept this company are.

Building a sauna in your house, wellness spa, hotel, gym or other commercial premises is now simply a matter of selecting your options and just waiting for the kit to arrive.

Once the components of your Harmony kit arrive, building your new sauna is just a matter of snapping the pieces together.

Let us install your sauna kit

If you require installation, Leisurequip can send a team of expert craftsmen to fully install your sauna room to the highest standards.

You can read more about what’s involved with our installation process here.

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Build your own sauna from the list of components below

Choose from an extensive range of design and layout options

With a comprehensive choice of layout options, the TyloHelo Harmony is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a frameless glass front sauna or a wooden cabin with a wooden door, this exceptional kit has everything you need to build it.

Primary layouts

  • Square
  • Corner

Design options

  • Square (Without glazed section)
  • Square (With glazed section, front)
  • Square (With glazed section, side)
  • Square (Glass door, front and side windows)
  • Square (Glass door and glass front)
  • Square (Glass door, glass front and pillar-less glass corner)
  • Rounded corners (Glass door, glass front and wrap-around glass corner)
  • Corner (Wood only)
  • Corner (With glazed section)

Pre-fabricated sizes

  • 300+

Note: Your entire requirement can be cut to the exact sizes you specify during the consultation process. Your ideal Harmony sauna can be pre-fabricated to fit perfectly in the space you have set aside.

The Harmony offers a range of wood panelling options

When building your own sauna one of the primary choices is your preference for wood. Whether it’s for scent, style or durability, the Harmony can deliver.

Choose from popular sauna woods such as Spruce or Aspen for home use. Choose Thermo Aspen for extra commercial durability. Additionally, you also get the choices of vertical or horizontal panelling.

Wood types

  • Spruce
  • Aspen
  • Thermo Aspen

Panelling type

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Note: If you’re looking for a deeper scented wood, alternative grain or richer colours, checkout our wood panelling page. There’s no guarantee we can incorporate your alternative choice of wood into the Harmony package. However, we will be able to offer you a bespoke sauna build solution that doesn’t compromise your requirement.

Add further detail with soffit and lighting options

Those little design touches matter to us all, and the Harmony sauna kit has it all. If you decide to choose a soffit, you will also have the further options. Choosing a side, front or front & side placement.

Soffit lighting

  • Yes
  • No

Soffit position

  • Side
  • Front
  • Front and side

Choose from a range of door and glass tinting options

Harmony sauna doors comes with wood frame, hinges and a choice of vertical or horizontal door handle. You can also choose from clear, bronze tinted or frosted glass.

Handle position

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Glass finish

  • Clear
  • Frosted
  • Tinted

Note: If you choose frameless glass front options you will not need to choose separate sauna door.

Furnish your sauna interior with benches, backrests and skirting

Your interior is the most important aspect of sauna as that’s where you’ll be enjoying your wellness treatments. Because of this the Harmony sauna kit offers a unique range of comfortable sauna benches.

As you build your sauna room, your initial choices of size and shape will dictate the type of sauna benches you’ll need. All the benches come in a range of wood types and style finishes and are a perfectly suitable for both home or commercial purposes.

Bench designs

  • Classic
  • Classic (Alder)
  • Classic Slim
  • Classic Slim (Alder)


  • Yes
  • No

Backrest backlighting

  • Yes
  • No


  • Yes
  • No

Skirting panel slats

  • Narrow
  • Wide

Skirting panel positions

  • Upper and lower
  • Upper bench only
  • Lower bench only

Note: Further options for your sauna interior may be available. TyloHelo are updating the types of benches, backrests and skirting regularly. As a result, you may be able to choose different woods or styles to suit your requirement.

Complete your dream sauna with this range of sauna heaters

Ensuring you get the perfect wellness experience means choosing the best sauna heater. This is true for both your personal requirement and the requirement of your room. TyloHelo have pre-chosen the most suitable sauna heaters from their range below.

Sauna heaters

  • Sense Sport 6kW
  • Sense Pure 6kW
  • Sense Elite 6kW
  • Sense Combi Pure 6kW
  • Sense Combi Elite 6kW

Additional heater options

  • Tylo Compact
  • Tylo Combi Compact H1
  • Tylo Expression Pure with Commercial Relay Box
  • Tylo Expression Elite with Commercial Relay Box
  • Tylo Expression Combi with H2 Control Panel and Commercial Relay Box
  • Helo Air Pure

Note: These heaters are what work best with the Harmony range. If you have your own ideas for a sauna heater, speak to us and we’ll offer you a range of options.

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Remotely control the experience

Now you can enjoy full control over your sauna and steam room experience from the comfort of your armchair. Our advanced range of control panels will allow you to remotely manage temperature, humidity, lighting, fragrance and more.

Suitable for home and commercial use, these control panels work with a range of both Tylo and Helo sauna heaters and steam generators. For some controls there's also a range of PC and smartphone apps.

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Extensive range of sauna heaters

Stunning range of sauna heaters

Every exceptional sauna room needs an exceptional sauna heater to finish it off. Choose from our extensive range of small to medium sized home sauna heaters, commercial heaters and our exceptional wood burning sauna stoves.

We have heaters with Thermosafe coatings, BWT can deliver aromatherapy oils or mineral salts, plus they can be operated remotely and dry your sauna when you’re done.

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