For small to mid-sized commercial sauna rooms get this low maintenance SKLE heater from Helo

Similar in design and functionality to its bigger brother the SKLA, the Helo SKLE is a low maintenance commercial sauna heater. It is best suited to smaller industrial requirements. With a 60kg sauna stone compartment and ability to be digitally remote controlled, the SKLE is a popular choice for daily used lite commercial saunas.
Available in a chrome chassis finish, the Helo SKLE is electrically powered, is energy efficient, floor standing and very easy to operate. There are 4 product variations with the largest able to operate a sauna room up to 24m3. If you have a reasonably sized commercial sauna this heater will meet your requirements.

Technical details for this commercial sauna heater

BrandHelo logo
Product nameSKLE
Product typeSauna heater
Water tankN/A
Usage typeCommercial
Available finishesChrome
Control panelT2, Digi 2, Trend / Premium (available soon)
Relay boxWE 4, WE 14, WE 40
Installation typeFloor standing
Product variations901, 1051, 1201, 1501
Power output9kw, 10.5kw, 12kw, 15kw
Sauna size8-13m3, 9-15m3, 10-18m3, 14-24m3
Product size (WxHxD)510 x 700 x 475mm
Sauna stones60kg
Min. distance from wall120mm
Min. ceiling height1200mm, 1400mm
Additional innovationsDigitally mastered, Low maintenance

Helo SKLE commercial sauna heater

Sauna stones

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