Helo Saunatonttu

The worlds best electric sauna heater is yours to experience at home with the Saunatonttu from Helo

It’s a bold claim to be the worlds best electric sauna heater, but this remarkable stove is widely accepted as being just that. Designed by Finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia, the Helo Saunatonttu has a huge range of patented features. Features such as a super-insulated chassis, plus it holds a substantial 100kg of sauna stones.
The large volume of sauna stones and unique insulation mean this popular home sauna heater retains lots of heat. Not only that, it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can expect the home sauna bathing experience to be soft, humid and steamy. Floor standing installation means it can go anywhere in the room.

Technical information for this electric sauna heater

BrandHelo logo
Product nameSaunatonttu
Product typeSauna heater
Water tankN/A
Usage typeHome
Available finishesBlack
Control panelOLEA 63 (Included)
Relay boxN/A
Installation typeFloor standing
Product variations3, 4, 6, 8
Power output3.4kw, 4.8kw, 6.4kw, 8kw
Sauna size4-8m3, 5-11m3, 7-14m3, 9-17m3
Product size (WxHxD)500 x 1090 x 500mm
Sauna stones100kg
Min. distance from wall30mm
Min. ceiling height800mm
Additional innovationsSuper-insulated

Helo Saunatonttu Best Electric Sauna Heater

Ristomatti Ratia

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