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NeoQi UK

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Spa treatment pods & hydrotherapy baths

NeoQiThe future of wellness is here with this exceptional range of innovative spa equipment from NeoQi. Developed over a number of years, each unique system offers a range of physiotherapy and wellness treatments. Each treatment facility will be the focal point of any contemporary hotel spa or dedicated spa complex.

NeoQi spa facilities are expertly developed with a range of positive outcomes in mind. The advanced technology harnesses the power of age-old spa rituals and makes them accessible from a single device. With a NeoQi treatment pod you’ll be able to deliver a luxury spa experience that will recover and rejuvenate every user.

From NeoQi: Based in Estonia, NeoQi were first established in 2001 and have gone onto win international acclaim for the innovation and design quality of their spa treatment pods.

Each unique system has been developed over a number of years and are designed treat a range of physical and emotional complaints. Their innovative spa machines will perfectly enhance any hotel spa or beauty salon.

Spa Cocoons and Spa Capsules for Sale

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“Just wanted to say how appreciative I am with all your help that you have given me over the past few years. You’ve been extremely helpful, professional and patient and just wanted to say thank you.”

—Steve Simmons | Manager | Tempus Spa & Health Club

Products from the NeoQi range

NeoQi Dream Spa Capsule UK

NeoQi Dream

The NeoQi Dream is a comprehensive and advanced spa capsule that delivers […]

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NeoQi Flamingo Spa Energy Cocoon

NeoQi Flamingo

Prepare your clients for a luxury spa experience that is unrivalled in both cost […]

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NeoQi Relax Steam Sauna Cocoon

NeoQi Relax

What better way to spend the afternoon that enjoying the wellness benefits of a […]

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NeoQi Pro

The largest of the NeoQi spa treatment pod range, the advanced Pro can deliver […]

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NeoQi Saltarium

NeoQi Saltarium

Salt inhalation or halotherapy is widely know to boost the immune system and aid […]

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NeoQi Medica

The first-rate NeoQi Medica is an ergonomically designed hydrotherapy […]

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NeoQi Elebath Home Hydrotherapy Bath

NeoQi Elebath

The Elebath offers many of the same treatments and houses much the […]

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NeoQi Niagara Hydrotherapy Bath

NeoQi Niagara

With a 3 pump water-massage system, 14 back massage jets and 16 bottom […]

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NeoQi BodyBase Spa Massage Table

NeoQi Bodybase

The Neoqi Bodybase is a master class in ergonomic spa massage table […]

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Multi-faceted hydrotherapy baths

Relax, unwind and enjoy a premium wellness experience in our range of multi-faceted hydrotherapy baths and tubs. Suitable for home and commercial use, they are perfect for large home bathrooms, basement spas, boutique hotels, salons and beauty spas.

Hydrotherapy bath spas are used to treat a range of ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, stress related disorders, arthritis, depression, muscle pain and much much more.

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Luxury Hydrotherapy Baths & Tubs

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