Lose yourself in a whirlpool of sensational luxury with our exceptional range of Teuco Hydro Spas.

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Teuco. The kind of luxury, designer leisure products they offer will only be found in the best showrooms and homes. For over 30 years Teuco have been designing and manufacturing exceptional quality saunas, bathroom suites, steam showers and of course spas.

Teuco Hydro Spas are technologically and aesthetically ambitious and they deliver on all fronts. The attention to detail in both form and function means complete satisfaction is guaranteed. The ergonomically-shaped range of Teuco Hydro Spas covers all domestic and commercial spa requirements.

Teuco Domestic Hydrospas.


Night-time bathers enjoying the Teuco Seaside 641 Hydrospa

Teuco Seaside 640


Experience an oasis of optimum well-being in the beautifully designed Seaside 640 hydrospa. The Seaside 640 comes with massage seats, chaise-longues and a raft of other accessories and finishes. With space for up-to 4 people you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime time after time.


Teuco Seaside 640 Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Seaside 640 brochure - 3.5mb.



Teuco Seaside 641


Designed by Giovanna Talocci, the Teuco Seaside 641 will be the star attraction whether it’s on the patio, terrace or in the garden. It boasts surround sound via the Oyster® Acoustic Panel system which. when combined with the exceptional Hydrosilence® can turn this excellent hydro spa into something magical.


Teuco Seaside 641 Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Seaside 641 brochure - 3.6mb.


Teuco Cheers Range

Teuco ‘Cheers’ is an ambitious collection of 4 stunning hydrospas that are just at home in the garden or on the patio. Designed by Nilo Gioacchini and utilising a wide range of water jets the ‘Cheers’ spa range are as fun as they are functional.

The Teuco ‘Cheers’ range of high quality spas also offers a selection of environmentally-friendly functions for those that are eco-conscious. ‘Eco Sunny’ can dramatically reduce the power consumption of your hydrospa. When in use your hydro spa can operate at reduced power consumption and performance.


Teuco Cheers Range Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Cheers range brochure - 5.7mb.



Teuco Jets

  • Directional – This energetic jet produces a constant flow for intense massage. It can relieve tension and muscle pain.
  • Master massage – Another powerful jet that is especially useful for stimulating large muscle groups such as the back.
  • Pulsator – A rhythmic, pulsating jet which is great for medium-sized muscle groups.
  • Swirl – The jet nozzles produce a soft spiral of air and water that can be aimed at the back, legs & neck.
  • Pin spin – The pin spin jet uses both pulsating and rotating actions for toning the muscles on the back.
  • Twin spin – A direct rotating action on the main muscle groups of the back and neck.

Teuco ‘Mirror’ Acrylic Overflow Spas.


Indoor example of the Teuco Mirror 630 acrylic overflow spa

Teuco Mirror 620


If you’ve got the budget and a permanent space there’s no better way to relax than in your own personal overflow spa. Teuco Hydrospas offer 2 incredible acrylic overflow spas in the form of the circular Teuco Mirror 620 and the rectangular Teuco Mirror 630. Both spas are overflowing with advanced spa technology and can provide truly complete relaxation.


Designed by Fabio Lenci the Mirror 620 can seat up to 6 people in it’s powerful massage seats. There are a range overflow spa functions available such as automatic water filtration and the Teuco Hydrospa heating system.


Teuco Mirror 620 Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Mirror 620 brochure - 4.3mb.


Teuco Mirror 630

Also designed by Fabio Lenci, the Teuco Mirror 630 is a beautifully constructed rectangular overflow spa that can seat up to 6 persons. The massage seating also offers a comfortable chaise longue and has 30 massage jets for a rounded spa experience.


Exclusive to the Teuco range are magnetic headrests (optional) that can be positioned and re-positioned to suit your bathing requirements. Absolute comfort is guaranteed whatever your seating arrangements.



Teuco Mirror 630 Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Mirror 630 brochure - 3.2mb.


Teuco ‘Commercial’ Hydrospas.

The Tueco Commercial range is suitable for cruise ships, clubs or spa resorts.

The Tueco Commercial range is suitable for cruise ships, clubs or spa resorts.

The exceptional range of Teuco spas doesn’t just stop at the domestic level. There is also a range of 4 well-designed commercial overflow spas that are perfect for cruise ships and spa resorts alike.

These 4 commercial hydro spas are available in a range of round and octagonal shapes. With multiple size variations they ensure every commercial requirement can be catered for.


Each Teuco Commercial spa features an external grille that covers the overflow pipe and jets that are positioned around the whole perimeter.


Teuco Commercial Brochure

For more detailed information download the Teuco Commercial brochure - 4mb.


Additional information & features.

With Teuco Hydrosilence® the only thing you'll hear is soft purring water

With Teuco Hydrosilence® the only thing you’ll hear is soft purring water

Teuco Shell Finishes

Shell finishes come in a range of hard wearing colours and textures to suit most environments. Please check the specific model brochure for full details on what’s available.



With the introduction of Hydrosilence® Teuco have finally eliminated all artificial noises from the hydro spa experience. This also includes any annoying mechanical vibrations. All you’ll experience is the soft purr of the water.

Compact Nest


All ‘Seaside’ hot tubs have all the essentials perfectly designed in to the side the product. Teuco call this ‘Compact Nest’ and for you it means anything that needs to be maintained or kept exposed from the elements such as key equipment is perfectly hidden and protected.

Teuco Panel Finishes

Teuco hot tubs and overflow spas are available in a variety of panel finishes for a perfect fit with your chosen environment. Please check the specific model brochure for full details on what’s available.

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“The Tylo products & the work carried out by Leisurequip has produced saunas that are in keeping with the quality standards we demand for our yachts. Leisurequip did a fantastic job!”
Mark Chinery, Sunseeker International
“Leisurequip were the outstanding contractor on our project to build a gym with sauna and steam room. I would highly recommend them for high skill levels and communication.”
Paul Gumbley, House owner - Cambridge


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