For a wellness experience that is out of this world treat your customers to a dry floatation spa treatment

Increasingly popular in both beauty and wellness spas, dry floatation spa treatments combine relaxation therapy with massage, music and a water floatation bed. The end result is a range of spa treatments that can have immensely positive effects both mentally and physically. Users of dry floatation beds report reduced blood pressure, improved circulation, heightened senses and more.
Most notably, a dry floatation massage treatment has been known to hugely reduce chronic pain and help with depression. Leisurequip offer a range of dry flotation beds that be installed in your beauty salon, hotel or wellness spa. Alternative wellness treatments are incredibly popular. Consequently, your customers will have an experience out of this world with many reporting an out of body sensation.

Dry Floatation Spa Equipment for Sale

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Dreamwater Jet Dry Floatation Bed

Dreamwater Jet

Harness all the benefits of a normal floatation tank without the inconvenience of […]

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VelusJet dry water massage

Velus Jet

Enjoy a range of dry water treatments with the Velus Jet hydro-jet massage bed […]

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