With our range of home sauna steam room combo kits you can conveniently enjoy double the wellness treatments

Now you can experience twice as many spa treatments with our stunning range of sauna steam room combo kits. Leisurequip are suppliers of everything from the TyloHelo range of home steam sauna units. With a combined home sauna and steam room you are hurled into an exciting new world of optimum wellness and convenience.
The impressive health benefits of combining a sauna and steam room treatment are widely accepted. Ingenious, space-saving designs mean these combo kits are perfect units for the home. You’ll be impressed by reversible walls, aspen wood panelling, pre-fabricated sauna benches, flexible interiors,  thermal insulation and much more.

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TyloHelo Panacea Twin

TyloHelo Panacea Twin

Get the ultimate sauna and steam room combo with the stunning Panacea Twin […]

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Take the enjoyment to the next level with our extensive range of high-quality sauna accessories. Choose from traditional gift sets containing a wooden bucket and ladel or something more contemporary such as our stainless steel complete sauna sets.

We also have essential oils, infusion stones, mood lighting, thermometers, hygrometers, BWT Technology, and much more.

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