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Optimise your spa or hot tub experience with our range of accessories such as lighting, essences, audio and furniture

Add those finishing touches with our complete range of luxury hot tub and spa accessories. We can supply you with all those little extras that turn a great home spa experience into some special. We supply all the hot tub and spa accessories from the Marquis range. This includes steps, benches, cabinets, counters, stools, covers, audio sets, aromas, covers and lighting.
Upgrade your jets with single, dual, or multi-port rotation inserts to truly customise your experience. Our spa maintenance kits have everything you need to keep your hot tub or spa clean and fresh. Create ambience with light displays and aromatherapy scents and cover it all up safely with exclusive hot tub covers. All our spa, pool and hot tub accessories are available for UK delivery and fitting.

Choose from a range of spa and hot tub accessories


Aromatherapy offers many therapeutic benefits, including stress-relief and relaxation. Adding Aroma Infusions to your hot tub builds a push-button aromatherapy dispenser into your enjoyment.

There is a reservoir to hold liquid essences and botanicals formulated for hot tub use. At the push of a button, release your favourite soothing aromas into the spa water.

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Marquis DuraCovers have a full-length linear heat seal along the fold and marine-grade double-stitched vinyl. Additionally, a galvanized-steel channel support strut is embedded into the cover to reduce drooping or buckling from snow.

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Stereo audio kits

Great for hot tub parties, outdoor dining, relaxation and music therapy. The audio option builds a receiver, twin speakers, and a subwoofer into your hot tub. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, stream your favourite music, internet radio and more from your mobile device.

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Modular furniture

Marquis Environments™ add functionality, versatility and amenity to your hot tub and surrounding spa area. They perfectly complement your Marquis hot tub, sharing the same color palette and design cues. Choose from a collection of steps, benches, storage benches, storage cabinets, shelves, stools and towel bars.

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This elegant option adds additional multipoint LED lighting to the spa interior, accent lights on the spa exterior, as well as variable colour modes and transitions. Improve night-time visibility, enhance the beauty of your spa, and supplement stress relief and relaxation.

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