Find out more about NeoQi spa treatments.

Here you can find a wealth of supplemental information regarding the range of treatments available from any number of NeoQi spa treatment pods. Each article covers a single treatment and provides some insight into either its benefits or functions.

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    NeoQi: Basic Introduction to Chromotherapy Colours & Benefits

NeoQi: Basic Introduction to Chromotherapy Colours & Benefits

This unique approach to wellness involves exposing the eyes to a range of coloured lights. Each coloured light or ‘chromo’ (meaning pigment – hence chromotherapy) operates on a different electro-magnetic wavelength.

It has been shown that exposure to [...]

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NeoQi: Essential Benefits of Regular Aromatherapy Treatment

Regular Aromatherapy treatment has widely known benefits that contribute towards the improvement of overall health and well-being. Using essential oils that are naturally sourced from herbs and plants Aromatherapy primarily focuses on receptors in the hypothalamus.

The aroma [...]

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NeoQi: Benefits of an Air Bubble Massage (Aeromassage)

In a similar fashion to a regular massage, the Neoqi Air Bubble Massage (sometimes referred to as an ‘aeromassage’) gently massages the body’s muscles and tissues. The air bubbles deliver a range of unique massage sensations akin [...]

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