Leisurequip were recently contacted by Charmol Interiors in Catherington nr Petersfield who enquired about bespoke sauna design & installation. Charmol were brought in to take over, troubleshoot and speed-up the interior fit out of the Coop building in Oslo. They were let down by the main contractor due to a let down by a sub-contractor.  This interior fit out included two hemlock saunas which had to be bespoke made as there was a specific sauna design requirement specified.

Martin and Andy from Charmol Interiors rang Leisurequip on short notice to see if we could help them out with 2 Hemlock Saunas. We found out the cost of the shipping and transportation out of Immingham freight shipping firm DFDS for crossing to Brevik in Norway and put forward our proposal.

Client very impressed with our pricing for the Hemlock Saunas

Martin was very impressed as he thought we were the only sensible option as other companies had quoted extortionate prices, saying, in his own words “Leisurequip was music to my ears“. After a consultation Martin knew with confidence that we could get what needed to be done and quickly. The hemlock saunas are for the on-site staff leisure facilities.

On getting the order placed we made arrangements for freight sea crossings, accommodation, meals, commercial invoices, custom clearance and forwarding agents in Oslo to clear us through when we landed in Brevik.

Sailing out of Immingham in the early hours of a Sunday morning and arriving 8am Monday morning in Brevik with a couple of hours drive onto site, Leisurequip’s elite sauna installation team were ready and well rested for the bespoke construction.

We had three fitters and one of our electricians to assemble and wire the bespoke hemlock saunas into their positions on the Coop site. We had to finish the saunas in time to catch the return freight ship midnight on Friday. We needed to get back to Immingham in time because our crew had a Bespoke Hammam installation to start on the Monday in central London.

Leisurequip showed we pull out the stops when needed and have a high level of management and organisational skills when a deadline has to be met. Whether in the UK or internationally, our skilled, experienced team can provide an exceptional service and all of this within your sauna and steam room budget.